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Today I share an important page of my book “Joseph tells”. This is one of the many questions I asked my guide Joseph.



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Is it true that you are making contact with people on Earth more and more often?

Yes, we notice that more and more people are involved in this and open to it. This makes it easier for us to
pass things on through them. Both images and texts that can be written and whispering messages. We want
to let you know that we are doing well!

Most people are too involved in their grieving process and it would be nice if they seek contact
with us themselves. This way it does not cost them unnecessary energy and they get their zest for life back.

The veils between heaven and earth are getting thinner and we are very happy that we are now so quickly
and easily seen, felt or heard. Let people try to make contact with their loved ones! As you know, it started
with you with this book and you just started asking me questions. You felt me and the other deceased
earlier and it works differently for everyone.

Just talk to us, as you always did and ask questions. See if you feel us, hear something, or if we seek contact
through writing. It makes us and you so happy! If it does not work well, then look for a reliable medium, but do not give up too quickly and do not be afraid. We are not scary. We are still the same as on Earth!
It would also be nice if you continue to talk about us. Often people are afraid that they will hurt someone else by talking about the deceased. People are often happy that it is talked about, so they are not forgotten. We feel that too!

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